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New Arrivals

Full Spectrum Mellow Mint CBD Tincture

Full Spectrum Muscle Melt CBD Salve

Veteran and Senior discounts

We proudly offer discounts to those who have served and our honored senior citizens. We are dedicated to placing quality product with those who need it most!

Oregon and Colorado Grown Hemp

All Regal products are made from 100% Oregon and Colorado hemp. No exceptions, ever. We are proud to develop regional supply chain relationships to foment bioregional economic resilience.

Made in the USA

Our products are formulated and manufactured in the United States.Through industy growth we create more jobs and American economic vitality.

About Us

Regal CBD is dedicated to forging new pathways to health and wellness. Based in Portland, Oregon, we are in the world epicenter of hemp/ cannabis culture, products, development and supply.Β  We work hard to manufacture and curate the finest, most effective, relaxing products available. In our store you will not only find the best CBD products available, but tools and bulk CBD ingredients to make your own projects easier while maximizing returns. We are dedicated to local suppliers, farmers, processors, manufacturers and everyone surrounding the local supply chain to provide you with only the best! With Regal CBD you will always get what our labels say. We started creating these products for ourselves and we believe in the amazing health and wellness potential of CBD. Simply put, we use our own products for our own health and wellness. Our mission is to share these amazing products with you. Please Join us! Unlock the Potential! Mission Focused, Eco-Friendly, Creating Local and Regional Economic Growth, Harvesting Renewable Natural Products. Wholesale pricing available. We also offer bulk: CBD Distillate, TFree Distillate, CBD Isolate, Winterized Crude, CB-Exotics, and Bulk Flower.Β  Live. Life. Better.